Friday, March 8, 2013

Easter Special

Until Easter, buy my first book, Disillusioned, and get Dissatisfied and Disarmed for the price of one book.

That's three books for the price of two.

To get the special, you must email me at so I can gift you the third book.

Also, the offer still stands: for anyone who agrees to review Disillusioned on the site on which he bought it, I will gift him the book.  Again, email me, and I will send you the book for free.  If you're interested, I'll even throw in a sneak peak for the first book of my next series.  The book is called Marissa, the story of a young woman who leaves home to pursue an education, but ends up caught in the racial and political chaos of 1920s St. Louis. It's a riot you won't want to miss.

Friday, November 23, 2012

And we're off...

Welcome to the official Facebook and Twitter (@seemoorelit) launch of the Dissed series, by me, Cari Moore.  Hopefully, most of you have come here in search of my books through the links I tweeted or posted on Facebook.  You can purchase the books at one of the "necessary excesses" on the right of this page.  For the first five people who message or email me and promise to review on Amazon, Facebook post, and tweet about my book, I will send you a link to receive the book free.  Also, until December 25, anyone who purchases the first book will receive the second for over half off.  Just email me, and I'll send you the coupon code.

These books are not for those of you who only seek deep metaphysical truths and literary genius.  They are not for those of you who expect pointless escape or gratuitous sex.  They are for the average person with the average life and regular problems who would like some entertainment and might want to gain some perspective in the process.  You may recognize the characters, though they are purely fictional.  You probably know a housewife or two who has grown disillusioned by the reality of married life and motherhood.  You may know a single lady who feels dissatisfied with the track her life has taken.  You may know a man who thought he had it all together and woke up one morning to find that his life felt empty.  If you know these people, you will recognize my characters because they are ubiquitous in our society.  If these characters find fulfillment and answers in a manner less orthodox than yours and mine, I hope you'll take it for what it is: entertainment.

Thanks for taking the time to read my books, and if you like them, share them on Facebook, tweet your friends, and write a review.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The reality of Disarmed

In my book, Disarmed, I created a story that is entirely fictional, and perhaps the most unrealistic aspect of the story is the casual way in which I treat the situation with the little Thai waif, Dao.  There is a perhaps cheesy happily-ever-after that is unlikely to occur in real life.

In real life, human slavery exists, and in real life, a hero rarely sweeps in to save the day or the girl or boy, and even when he does, the boy or girl or woman needs rehabilitation and placement.  This gives them a place to put their trauma and pain, and a place to stay so that they don't reenter the poverty that drove them into trafficking in the first place.

I am privileged to know one of these heroes who, not only sweeps in to save the girl, but places them in rehabilitation and relocation.  When I wrote Disarmed, I didn't know that he and his wife and his organization engaged in this effort, but now that I do, I feel like I should highlight his efforts to save these people and give them a future.

Kirby and Brett Trapolino have established a long-standing presence in India, and they have recently branched into Nepal, a natural funnel for trafficking to India.  With their organization, Peace Gospel Org, they have rescued many children from poverty in India and Uganda, and they are in the process of educating the people of Nepal on the reality of emigrating to India.  They are the "heroes," and they are upstanding, legitimate, sincere people who value human life and seek to make it better.

Dao is cute and funny, but Dao is just a very weak representation of a serious reality.

Help Peace Gospel Org make salvation a reality for the men, women, and children of India, Nepal, Uganda, and other locations by supporting them financially.

Like them on Facebook, or save their Amazon link to your bookmarks and automatically donate 7% of your purchases to  Peace Gospel Org without spending an extra penny.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dissed is finished!

For those of you paying attention, I have just published the last book in my Dissed trilogy, Disarmed.  If you liked Jason in the first two books, come read the last of the Dissed trilogy to find out if he is able to redeem himself.  It will take a while before it shows up on the major websites, just like with my other two books, but you can get it now on if you don't want to wait.  Or. it should show up on Kindle by tomorrow, barring some unforeseen strangeness.  I'm still looking for reviewers, so email me if you're interested.  Enjoy!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review me!

Still looking for my first review!
Let me know if you're willing to review it for sure, and I'll send you the book for free for the first ten people who review it.  I promise; I won't be offended.
I've gotten some verbal feedback, mostly positive, and the only negative seems to stem more from a style preference than from any particular fault in the book.
That being said, even if you find something negative and want to review the book as such, feel free!  I just want your feedback.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So, with the excitement of seeing my books on iBooks and all the other venues, I have to admit that I am a little immature.  I couldn't rejoice for long in my excitement because my books were not on Nook or Kindle yet.  So, I bypassed the Smashwords system for Kindle and just downloaded the book directly to the Kindle website.  Now I just wait with bated breath for the books to appear on Nook, though according to Smashwords distribution literature, the book should have shown up by now.  Well, c'est la vie! It'll show up eventually, and I'll be sure to update.  For those of you waiting for Kindle, the time is now.  Enjoy!