Saturday, May 5, 2012

Making progress

As of today, Disillusioned and Dissatisfied are both available on iBooks through iTunes.  To find them, you can click either name in the preceding sentence and from there, you can launch your iTunes.  If you prefer to go directly through iTunes, just type in my name (Cari Moore!) and my books will appear under the "Books" section.  For anyone who uses Diesel ebooks, Disillusioned and Dissatisfied are now both officially available from their store as well.  Oddly enough, Sony only has Dissatisfied, which is the second book, but hurray for small victories, right?  Beware, though, on the similar links on the left hand side, "erotica" is listed as a similar type work.  NOT TRUE!  The book is at most a little titillating, but remember: purely PG to PG-13! I promise.  Still waiting for word from Nook and Blio, and Kindle is a long drawn-out process.  Easier to use Smashwords for the time being.  I will update as soon as I hear anything else.  Thanks for reading!  Enjoy!

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