Sunday, September 2, 2012

The reality of Disarmed

In my book, Disarmed, I created a story that is entirely fictional, and perhaps the most unrealistic aspect of the story is the casual way in which I treat the situation with the little Thai waif, Dao.  There is a perhaps cheesy happily-ever-after that is unlikely to occur in real life.

In real life, human slavery exists, and in real life, a hero rarely sweeps in to save the day or the girl or boy, and even when he does, the boy or girl or woman needs rehabilitation and placement.  This gives them a place to put their trauma and pain, and a place to stay so that they don't reenter the poverty that drove them into trafficking in the first place.

I am privileged to know one of these heroes who, not only sweeps in to save the girl, but places them in rehabilitation and relocation.  When I wrote Disarmed, I didn't know that he and his wife and his organization engaged in this effort, but now that I do, I feel like I should highlight his efforts to save these people and give them a future.

Kirby and Brett Trapolino have established a long-standing presence in India, and they have recently branched into Nepal, a natural funnel for trafficking to India.  With their organization, Peace Gospel Org, they have rescued many children from poverty in India and Uganda, and they are in the process of educating the people of Nepal on the reality of emigrating to India.  They are the "heroes," and they are upstanding, legitimate, sincere people who value human life and seek to make it better.

Dao is cute and funny, but Dao is just a very weak representation of a serious reality.

Help Peace Gospel Org make salvation a reality for the men, women, and children of India, Nepal, Uganda, and other locations by supporting them financially.

Like them on Facebook, or save their Amazon link to your bookmarks and automatically donate 7% of your purchases to  Peace Gospel Org without spending an extra penny.

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